Children's Ministry

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To bridge the gap between baptism and starting Sunday School, we offer a "My Grown-Up & Me" class for infants through the age of 2, and their parents, grandparents, guardians, etc.  This class meets in the Nursery and allows the parents and children to socialize in a calm, contained, fun and comfortable space.  We have 2 Pack & Plays so the babies can nap.  There are swings, Exersaucers, books, chalkboard and various other toys.  There is a flat-screen TV so that the worship service can be live-streamed into the Nursery.  There will be bagels and coffee available.  We have 4 adult parent leaders who will oversee this class on a rotating basis.  This class meets the first Sunday of every month except in July, August and September.  We hope to add the third Sunday of every month to this schedule.


Once a child reaches age 3, they move into the PreK 3 & 4 class.  This class is combined with Kindergarten, First and Second grade, and meets in the one-room Sunday School classroom.  We have 8 adult teachers who will oversee this class on a rotating monthly basis.  The one-room classroom is spacious, carpeted and has a flat-screen TV for viewing videos.  The curriculum being used is called SPARK and is from the Lutheran publisher Augsburg Fortress Publishers.


Our 3rd through 6th graders will gather in Spencer Fellowship Hall for class.  They will also be utilizing the SPARK curriculum.  There are 4 adults teachers and each teacher will have an 8th grade aide.  The teachers rotate on a monthly schedule.