Church Council Announces

New COVID Protocols for In-Person Worship


Welcome back to in-person worship. As of March 21, 2021, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church resumed in-person worship. The Church Council voted on the following new COVID protocols on April 12th to be observed during worship services:

  • Sign in upon entering the church (pre-registration no longer required)
  • Face covering required at all times while on premises (nose and mouth)
  • Physical/social distancing required
  • Windows will remain open during worship service
  • Singing and recitation permitted 
  • Congregants may sit in any designated seating area

Please exit the church immediately after the conclusion of the worship service. Congregants wishing to converse with fellow worshipers are encouraged to do so on the front lawn area.

For the protection of your fellow worshipers, please notify the church if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 after attending in-person worship by calling the church office at 201-444-6598.

For the Church Council,
Maurice Willoughby

COVID-19 Updates 

The health and safety of our community members is of the utmost importance to us. Below are Pastor Jay’s answers to some frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and our church life. This page was last updated Thursday, April 15, 2021.

What is the status of church programming? The standard for church programming right now is that it takes place online and in-person with the above mentioned protocols.

What does that mean for worship? Regular worship services are broadcast live every Sunday on Facebook at 10am and on YouTube later in the week. In person participation is currently opened following the above protocols. 

How are we handling pastoral visits? Pastoral visits are taking place by phone and zoom.

What is the Chinese Community Center - CCCNJ doing? The CCCNJ is meeting remotely online.

What are the Alcoholic Anonymous - AA groups doing? The AA groups are meeting remotely online.

Join us every Sunday at 10:00 AM on Facebook Live.